Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Category: Single Artist

Sounds like: a head-on collision between cute and chaotic that spews candy sprinkles, sparklers and limbs.

People who write this band off as "too cute" are missing the fact that Deerhoof started as a noise band. Their drummer absolutely kills - he goes apeshit throughout entire songs. They have a lot of material to sift through at this point, so here is a compilation that touches on all 10 albums. If nothing else, listen to 'This Magnificent Bird Will Rise' a couple of times on repeat.

01. L'Amour Stories
02. This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
03. Believe E.S.P.
04. Milking
05. +81
06. Forty Fours
07. The Perfect Me
08. You're Our Two
09. Fresh Born
10. Punch Buggy Valves
11. Wrong Time Capsules
12. Milk Man
13. Hark the Umpire
14. The Tears of Music and Love
15. Spiral Golden Town
16. My Purple Past
17. Our Angel's Ululu
18. Blue Cash

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