Friday, January 30, 2009

Modern Boys

Category: Single Artist

Sounds like: love, jealousy, poison, eyeliner and estate housing.

Dramatics and fashionable androgyny aside, Suede actually produced some pretty stellar guitar driven pop songs.  I've tried to include some lesser known tracks here, as there's already a perfectly decent Singles compilation available.  All of the major lineup changes and mood swings are covered, from Bernard Butler to Neil Codling (and a certain Ms. Frischmann). Embrace the trashiness, the swagger and the downright britishness of it all.

1. Introducing The Band
2. So Young
3. To The Birds
4. Electricity
5. Trash
6. Savoir Faire
7. Metal Mickey
8. My Insatiable One
9. Killing Of A Flash Boy
10. Lazy
11. The Wild Ones
12. W.S.D.
13. Pantomime Horse
14. The Drowners
15. Europe Is Our Playground
16. New Generation
17. By The Sea (Acoustic Version)
18. Shipbuilding
19. Heroine
20. Have You Ever Been This Low
21. My Dark Star
22. Simon (Demo)
23. The Asphalt World
24. Still Life


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