Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jazz Mag Numb 5


The fifth in my series of cheeky mixes

Justin Robertson : Count Crackle
Relaxed Muscle : Sexualized
Father's Little Inventor : Butt Seks
Moodymann : Freeki Mutha Fucka
Flavas : Flavas (Mistress Lesbos mix)
Tingle In The Netherlands : Shagging The Milkman
Partyboobytrap : A Man & A Woman
Aidan John Moffat : Cunts
Aliens Voyage : Lounge Sofa
Nurse With Wound : Groove Grease (Hot Catz)
Depth Charge & Blowfly : Sex Sluts In Heaven
Lucifer : Fuck You
Minnie Ripperton : Inside My Love
Paul P : Zevenar
Howie B : Cook For You


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