Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Percy Dovetonsils presents Hudibras no.VI

Category: Noisey Drone Doom

Sounds like: A whole bunch of noise/drone/doom et al tracks all mashed together. Which is exactly what it is. This is the first mix I did in 2006 for a Hipinion Mix Exchange. The title was from a random google search, and the artwork is by John Stezaker.

Tracklist: (note: only elements and excerpts of most songs are used. Also this mix plays as one 80 minute mp3.)

Khanate - Commuted
Alvin Lucier - I Am Sitting In A Room
Pauline Oliveros - The Tuning Meditation
Anla Courtis - Several Galaxies of Bb Sound-lave Playfully Roaming About
Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - The Heavenly Music Corporation
Aphex Twin - Curtains
Earth - Ouroboros Is Broken
Boris - Absolutego
William Basinski - Disintegration Loop 1.1
Jandek - The Electric End
Windy & Carl - The Sun
Low - John Prine
Sunn o))) - CandleGoat
Walter Glass - Enough Fuel To Get There
Black Forest / Black Sea - Inepta
Angels Of Light - Palisades
Dove Yellow Swans - Live During War Crimes
Red House Painters - 24
Merzbow - Sphere pt.2
Sun City Girls - Chameleon 2000
No-Neck Blues Band - The Caterpillar Heart
White Noise - The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell
Nick Cave - Mah Sanctum
Lou Reed - & Zeitkratzer - Metal Machine Music Live!
AsvA - By The Well Of Living And Seeing
Weakling - Dead As Dreams
Joe Preston - Hands First Flower
David Thomas Broughton - One Day
The Dirty Three - Lullabye For Christie
Neil Young - Arc
Kevin Drumm - Hitting The Pavement
David Bowie - Warszawa
Dreamies - Program Ten
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - He Who Accepts All That Is Offered
The Nath Family - Sounds Of Indian Snake Charmers
Les Rallizes Denudes - Enter The Mirror
The Goslings - Yellow Sky
Holy McGrail - Smashed Amps & Sunn Guitars
Whitehouse - Philosophy
Jeff Mangum - Orange Twin Field Works vol.1
Sleep - Dopesmoker
Thrones - Googander
Melvins - Charmicarmicat

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  1. percy you have slated my entire workday

    let's hope the fireman calendar secretaries can stomach sun o)))

  2. these three are really awesome, percy. nice work.

  3. I recently had a flood in my basement which caused me to have to pack up thousands of CD's for a few weeks while i cleaned shit up. When i went about putting stuff back onto shelves i ran across a number of odd CDR's that i didnt know i had or even any idea what was even on them. I found this odd looking CDR with interesting animal atlas type photos on the cover of bats. Fantastic mix of all stuff i'm totally intune with!!!! quick google search as i had no idea how i had acquired the discs?? I used to run a record label called archive and would recieve lots of gratis in the mail, sometimes with no indication of where things came from. Excellent stuff all the same thanks a million years later.

  4. Percy, you able to reup? I can't find my copy of this.

  5. Oh wow, I did send a copy to Scott, the archive guy. Pleased that you enjoyed it all these years later! I still think this one was the best of the three I did.
    I'll reup them all - sorry for the delay clockout. I disabled my own access to this blog for study reasons so.. yeah.

  6. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yqu3sqs2q2aorks/mAJoPTyV79