Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Percy Dovetonsils presents Revenge and Remorse (The Guilty Alibi)

Noisey Drone Doom

Sounds like: The final compilation of noise/drone/doom et al tracks all mashed together. This is the third mix I did in 2006 for a Hipinion Mix Exchange. The title for this one was from Police Squad, and the artwork as always is by John Stezaker. This one is good, but I think the last ten minutes could have been better.

Tracklist: (note: only elements and excerpts of most songs are used. Also this mix plays as one 80 minute mp3.)

Black Flag – Three Nights
Nt Fan – The Secret Mausoleum Of Mankind
SSAB Songs – SSAB Songs
The Melvins – Pigs Of The Roman Empire
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
Mogwai – Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine
Faxed Head – Wireless Rattle
Bonnie Billy & Marquis De Tren – 2/15
Naked City – Leng Tch'e
Air – The Word 'Hurricane'
The Fall – Fortress/Deer Park
The Goslings – Overnight
John Wiese – Arcade And Panorama
Bardo Pond – Walking Clouds
Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music, Part Iii
Sun City Girls – It’s Underneath The House
1/3 Octave Band – Dominion
John Cale – Hanky Panky Nohow (Drone Mix)
Yoko Ono – AOS
Lurker Of Chalice – Piercing Where They Might
The No-Neck Blues Band – Boreal Gluts
Aphex Twin – Gwarek2
Ween – Loving U Thru It All
Jim O'Rourke – Bad Timing
Merzbow – Metamorphism Pt.1
Wolfmangler – Curling
Swans – Helpless Child
Macronympha – Household Appliances
Sunn O))) & Boris – Akuma No Kuma
Grails – Space Prophet Dogon
Phillip Glass & Kronos Quartet – The Crypt
Eno – The Big Ship
Whitehouse – A Cunt Like You
Destroyer – Notorious Lightning
Julee Cruise – In My Other World
Mainliner – Black Sky
Bonnie Prince Billy – Blue Lotus Feet (Live)
Sun City Girls – History Lesson (Part 1)
Replikants – Replikants Requiem

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