Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tariq Plays Along To Frank ~ mix

My friend Tariq came along to the studio last night and played
along to a load of old Frank Zappa records. There was a bit of a
glitch with the recording equipment at the beginning of the show
so this mix takes off from when I pressed record and the Mini-Disc
player actually worked!

This photo was of him arriving at the studio, there are none in
existence of him actually playing in the studio because I forgot
to take any and I was too busy mixing. If your unfamiliar with
FZ then this may be a good intro to him as there were several
of his more commercial tunes in this mix tho it was more of the
smutty end of his stuff, but hey, thats Frank, y'know,
give it a go anyway cheers!

Category : Frank Zappa

Sounds Like : someone playing along to him

I’m So Cute

Hot Poop
I Come From Nowhere
Teenage Prostitute
Crew Slut
Bamboozled By Love
Stick It Out
Yo’ Mama
Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
Peaches III
Peaches En Regalia


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