Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Powerpop Tape

Category: Various Artists

Sounds Like: Worthless youth with skinny ties

Your basic powerpop mixtape. I've done several since, but none ever came out this good.


Side A:
The Reds – Whatcha’ Doin’ to Me
Humans – I Live in the City
The A’s – After Last Night
Great Buildings - …And the Light Goes On
Rubber City Rebels – Paper Dolls
The Dazzlers – Lovely Crash
Bram Tchaikovsky – Girl of My Dreams
The Romantics – Tell it to Carrie
Badfinger – Baby Blue
Dwight Twilley Band – You Were So Warm
Epicycle – Biological Reaction
The Poppees – If She Cries
The Regular Guys – It’s a Secret
J.P. McClain & the Intruders – Baby Don’t Laugh
The Marquis’ – Viddy This
The Plimsouls – Now

Side B:
The Boys – (Baby) It’s You
The Wigs – Tell it All
Arlis! – I Wanna Be
The Table – Do the Standing Still (Classics Illustrated)
Strangeways – Wasting Time
The Jags – Back of My Hand (I’ve Got Your Number)
Paul Collins’ Beat – The Kids are the Same
The Smirks – To You
20/20 – Tell Me Why (Can’t Understand You)
Marshall Crenshaw – There She Goes Again
Sorrows – Teenage Heartbreak
The Nerves – One Way Ticket
The Phōnz – She Wants to Be a Man
The Rubinoos – I Never Thought It Would Happen
Boyfriends – I Don’t Want Nobody (I Want You)
Yachts – Box 202

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  1. Great stuff and the best part is that my teenage kids are digging it too. Thanks!