Friday, February 6, 2009

Until a Single Spark Ignites

Category: Various Artists

Sounds like: Watching autumn fade into the long winter ahead.

This mix tape collects electronic songs mostly from the last few years. It's a follow-up of sorts to another mix I did a few years ago that featured a similarly melancholy, downbeat roster. At the same time it's playful in parts, and it takes a flippant turn toward the end.


01. Psapp - Calm Down
02. Andi Teichmann - Tape
03. Midaircondo - Perfect Spot
04. m83 - Don't Save Us From the Flames (Boom Bip remix)
05. Ensemble - All We Leave Behind (feat. Mileece)
06. Hanne Hukkelberg - Ticking Bomb
07. Caural - Cold Hands (feat. Hrishikesh Hirway)
08. Bracken - Safe Safe Safe
09. Clark - Frau Wav
10. Apparat - Birds
11. AGF - PRIVATEbirds
12. Carrie - Complicado
13. Popnoname - Fuck You
14. Alex Smoke - Make My Day
15. Matthew Dear - Deserter


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