Monday, February 16, 2009

Pure Misery

Category: Various Artists

Sounds like: The captain going down with the ship.

In slight parody of the conventions of those Pure Moods comps you see on TV, this mix chronicles a progression of dour moods. Pianos and piano-like sounds feature as a sonic motif throughout many of the tracks, and there's also a bit of a watery theme, the ship lost at sea but still blundering onward. I tend to pull this out in the dead of winter; the upbeat mixes show themselves once spring's in session.


01. The May Family Reunion - Henry's Ghost
02. Christina Carter - For All Death/Be Come
03. Blonde Redhead - Four Damaged Lemons (Third Eye Foundation remix)
04. Spokane - The Absentee
05. Mus - Caseria
06. Black Heart Procession - A Light So Dim
07. Rachel's - All is Calm
08. This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
09. Eluvium - There Wasn't Anything
10. The Angels of Light - Praise Your Name
11. Afghan Whigs - My Curse
12. Xiu Xiu - Dr. Troll
13. Rosewater Elizabeth - How You Break
14. Songs: Ohia - Blue Factory Flame
15. Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Again, to Drift



  1. rosewater elizabeth. wow. old friends of mine. nice to see some love for them.

    great mix, too.

  2. Huh, are you a Floridian as well? Le Petit Morte used to go for $80 or so on eBay, but just recently I noticed that 24Hr Service Station had opened up a store on MySpace, which was surprising. The old story from Jeremy was that the guy who owned the label was a lazy dude who owned the rights to the album and wouldn't get off his ass to sell the final copies or reissue -- which is a shame because the packaging was gorgeous and it's one of those lost classics. I'm curious to hear what changed.

  3. yup, i'm in tampa. i was in allison with one back in the day. 24Hr has been putting out records again. Marshall, owner dude, is not the best label owner in the world. he's probably sitting on a lot of great albums that people would buy for the first time or to replace something that vanished from their collection years ago.

  4. Oh that's funny. I own the Static Hum 2-disc, I've always liked your cover of "Stay." DJ Cherry Bomb at Full Circle in Gainesville would frequently play that track. I've always enjoyed Matt's Larvae stuff as well. I may have to get in touch at some point; I've had minor ambitions to write a big article on RE but have never gotten around to it. One day ...

  5. Hey. this is Sam from blacktape. I always loved those Rosewater Elizabeth albums. Are they up to anything, these days? (check out my blog - updates from the studio on the new album)